Monday, February 23, 2009

The D Report: Kate's Day Three and Four

Without the sunlight to keep my daily D in check, I think I'm forever screwed in meeting my recommended values. More because it's not as easy to find the vitamin as I initially thought. I already had problems finding amounts on my favorite breakfast, and a trip to the grocery store only reinforced the difficulties with getting D. I figured I'd try to get more D by scouting out the cereal aisle, only to learn that Cheerios and Total, cereals I thought might be fortified enough to be loaded down with D hardly offered even a fraction of the daily recommended value (drv). I thought Total would be a shoo-in since it has 100 percent of the other vitamins and minerals. Disappointed I left the cereals on the shelf.

But there were two glimmers of hope from my shopping expeditions. Yoplait yogurt does list vitamin D on its label, so if I switch to eating that this week, I know I'll be getting 20 percent of my drv. And Trader Joe's surprised me with a rare treat in the frozen section: cod. Not only could I now try Chef Ramsay's hake recipe Liz shared, but hopefully the relationship between cod liver oil (rich in vitamin D) and cod was strong enough to give me some D so I wouldn't be stuck eating salmon all week. According to, cod does offer between 15 and 20 percent--better than nothing. And grilled with a little sweet onion marinade, the fish tasted pretty good too. But I still have to work on adding more dairy, and especially egg yolks to the mix so I don't have to resort to using a supplement. Posted by Kate

PS In the meantime, does anyone know about any cereals that might have more vitamin D than Cheerios and Total?

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