Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Change One Thing and Spark a Healthy Chain Reaction

Throughout the month of February, Kate and I have embarked on a few "fit-dares." We've been having a lot of fun learning more about ourselves and making new habits as we've tried changing one part of our lives at a time: logging eight hours of sleep, meditating for ten minutes a day, and, most recently, eating the recommended daily amount of Vitamin D.

It's amazing how one little change can influence other, seemingly-unrelated parts of your life. While I was trying to amp up my hours of shut-eye, I found myself turning off the TV earlier each night and cutting out caffeine after my morning coffee. Those are random side effects, but such good ones. While I've been improving my intake of D, I've found myself eating more fish (instead of pizza) at dinnertime and snacking on yogurt instead of vending machine Chex Mix during the day.

Recenlty, I wrote a story for SELF Magazine about some real women who changed one thing in their diets (the article appears in the March issue that hit stands this week). Each woman found that one thing was the spark they needed to cause a healthy chain reaction. One woman simply started to pre-plan her meals and snacks and ended up losing 130 pounds, getting into exercise and finding the confidence to join an Improv class. Another woman decided to stop eating out of boxes and found that she threw away less trash, improved her bone density.
Totally inspiring stuff! Photo grabbed from Snelvis on Flickr. Posted by Liz

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