Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Sleep Report: Kate's Day Three

Argh, when am I going to get me some sleep? Sorry folks, but I feel like an absolute failure with this one. I got into bed around 1 a.m.--that's actually good for me--but couldn't fall asleep so I ended up dozing off with my laptop on my lap searching for a picture for today's post. Seriously.

My slumber was interrupted by a 5:30 a.m. wake-up call to drive my husband to the hospital for work--I was so groggy I was on autopilot the whole way and am honestly surprised I could operate the car without hitting something. Then it was straight back to bed...I didn't even catch a minute of the news before logging 2.5 more hours. I'm inching closer to that eight-hour mark--it's coming I swear--while enjoying the extra energy and ability to plug away on the computer and write down fountains of potential pitches. But I still think the broken sleep is keeping the snacking. The urges are dissipating at some hours but the pangs for peanuts still haunt me after dinner. I'm going to chalk that up to too much sweating during my workout. Posted by Kate

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