Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring Has Sprung in Chicago

Hey, Mother Nature, this post's for you. I've been whining, complaining...practically crying...since December. I'm pretty obsessed with weather, pretty sensitive to the cold, pretty darn wimpy when it comes to low temps. This winter has been rough on me.

There was the icy morning I had to jog backwards to shield my face from pelting hail (I only made it half a mile). There was the snowy day when it took me almost 15 minutes of stumbling to jog one mile to the gym. There were so many mornings I was late to work because I neglected to calculate "de-robing and re-robing" time into my workout (ETA: about 15 minutes/sweat session). There were those countless extra loads of laundry...fleeces, base layers, running tights and wool socks add up fast.

But this weekend, you started to make it up to me. You blessed Chicago with a beautiful 62 degree Saturday. I ran long on the lakefront that morning and giddily dodged the puddles of melted snow and ice as I sweated through my (too many) layers. Today, instead of the painful silence of another dark, icy dawn, I awoke to chirping birds and slipped on shorts and a lightweight windbreaker. It was windy, yes, but it was 51 degrees and it was...Heaven. On. Earth.
I know you well enough to understand that this can't last. That's not how you roll. Tomorrow the birds will be gone, the gloves will be back and I'll have a new load of laundry. But here's a big-time shout-out because the last few days have been am-azing. For all the time I spend complaining about the weather, you deserve serious props for the good stuff, too. So, thank you, Mother Nature!!! Photo grabbed from Louise LeBourgeois on Flickr. Posted by Liz

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