You may not see any ski boots in our Fit-Ink graphic, but don't expect skiing to be absent from our fitness coverage. Kate's not shy about her skiing love and how it benefits her other fitness pursuits. She has a never-ending quest to rack more ski days than the previous season, and she's quick to come up with excuses to ski over marathon training, Ironman training, or anything else involving a pool, bike or Chicago's Lakefront Path. Need more proof? She's currently using those quad-burning runs to substitute for heavy-duty marathon mileage as she "preps" for the Boston Marathon.

With that being said, some of the content you see on Fit-Ink pertaining to skiing can also be found at and Here are the links to some of those articles.
Have a ski spot for her to check out? She's always welcome for ideas whether they are to ski, for skiing or about the ski industry. Send them to


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