Contrary to popular belief--based on all the mistakes Kate's owned up to throughout training and racing--she does know what she's talking about, most of the time (and if she doesn't she'll hunt it down). It's just the practicing what you preach where there's a bit of a disconnect. Oops.

But really, she's qualified from more than a participatory level in 19 and counting marathons, and a huge helping of triathlons including two Ironmans--and that's not including all the years she spent in the pool before getting hit by the endurance bug. She may not have known what she was doing when she ran her first Chicago Marathon in 2000, but she's uncovered at least a few tricks of the trade since then from writing sports and fitness articles. And she's starting to rack up as many certifications as she has races under her belt. Seriously. She's also:
  • USA Triathlon Level 1 coach-certified
  • Heart Zones certified in triathlon and power cycling
  • Spinning certified
  • Core Power Yoga Yoga Sculpt teacher certified (pending)


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