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Whether it's fitness, endurance sports or simply living a healthy, active lifestyle, 
we're leaving our mark and writing about it.

Who We Are
Fit-Ink hatched from two fit-minded Chicago women, Kate and Liz, on one of their weekly bike rides during the summer of 2008. A few e-mails, meetings off the trail (we run together, too), and months later, this site came to life as a "new year, new you" project on January 1, 2009. It's currently managed and written by Kate--when work and even a little play get in the way, the site isn't updated as much as we'd like, but we try. You'll find tips, race reports, reviews, stories and more. If it keeps you active, chances are we'll be writing about it.

Keep reading for more about these two journalists who share a passion for health, wellness and sports, especially distance running--they met as part of a Chicago media team for the MC200 Relay (as of 2011, a Ragnar Relay), swapping stories in a van for 24-plus hours and running shifts in the middle of the night.

Meet Kate
This Fit-Inker hails from Chicago by way of Michigan and New York. I haven't picked up an accent somewhere along the way, but I have grown weary of city life and yearn to one day move to the mountains. When freelance writing and editing duties don't have me glued to the computer, I'm tearing up the Windy City by foot, pedal or stroke, anything to stay active, moving and outdoors. Or you'll likely find me logging some quality gym time during winter hibernation. I'm also a USA Triathlon-certified coach. Name the gear and I probably have it stashed in a closet--bikes, kiteboard (so it's not mine but my husband's), tennis racquets, snowshoes, skis, wetsuits--or it's on my wish list. And Liz wants me to tell you that I did an Ironman (make that six as of September 2016--I got hooked!)...the picture is me at the finish line of the 2008 Ironman Wisconsin. You can reach me at katebongiovanni@gmail.com.

Meet Liz
Growing up in Kansas City, Missouri, running was the necessary evil I grudgingly submitted to so I could compete on the tennis, basketball and soccer teams. After graduating from college and moving to New York City, where I was an editor at SELF Magazine, I had an ah-ha moment...no time for team sports meant no outlet for my energy. So began my late-to-bloom love of running. I'm happily back in the good old Midwest working as an editor at the weekly magazine Time Out Chicago and I've become obsessed with two new sports since living on Lake Michigan: swimming and biking. I love writing and reading about fitness and nutrition and am admittedly addicted to active endeavors, but I own up to loving the fries, pizza, burger or beer waiting on the other side of a workout. You can reach me at lizplosser@gmail.com.


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    Hello Kate & Liz,

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    All the very best for the rest of 2013 & beyond Kate & Liz. Look forward to hearing from you…

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