Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hootie! Here's Hoping For A Carla Victory on Tonight's Top Chef Finale

Hello, fellow Top Chef fans. I'm all a-flutter in anticipation of tonight's finale. Will arrogant, over-it, trash-talking Stefan continue his snoozeville reign? Will I-kissed-Leah-and-still-feel-weird-about-it Hosea man up and be the seafood maestro his food has lately hinted he could be? Or, will the awesomely-lovable, crazy-haired, I-put-love-in-the-food-and-it-tastes-awesome-too Carla win the judges over with a final meal that tastes out of this world? I guess you can tell who I'm rooting for. Go Carla! FYI: If you're a Top Chef addict like Kate and I, you should surf over to TOC's site tonight for some live blogging by a crew of very funny and talented food writers. Photo courtesy of RealityTVMagazine. Posted by Liz

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