Friday, February 13, 2009

Need an Excuse to Relax?

Whether you need a last-minute Valentine's gift for your significant other, want to find a unique treat for a lover's weekend or simply need some R & R, checking out the latest spa specials might be just what the doctor ordered. And with spas across the country getting into the lover's spirit, now is the time to find more specials and different experiences you won't find other times of the year.

Time Out Chicago set the mood right last week when the spas issue landed in my mailbox. Now I'm not one who frequents the spa, unless I'm desperate for a massage to work out the kinks in my body from running (and trust me, there are a lot of them). But if I were independently wealthy, it would definitely be on my list of go-to haunts--not just for the massage but for a eucalyptus steam when available (talk about a great refresher at Snowbird's Cliff Spa) or anything else that can help me relax. Liz and I have been all about the meditation this week and a portion of that for me comes in the form of escaping the daily grind and the spa is one place I can do that.

But me aside, there are tons of spa deals for the weekend ahead, both at spas associated with health clubs and individual locales. I'm not even close to scratching the surface so you'll want to check with a spa near you for features and specials this weekend. Here are a few that I found:
  • It's Valentine's Day and heart month so Fitness Formula Clubs keeps the loving all month with a $59 60-minute massage or facial special. Or if two want to share in the relaxation, sign up for a Couples Massage for $120.
  • Salon 1800 spoils you or another special person with an assortment of treats to save on by Saturday. Check the promotions page for savings on facials, mani/pedis and massages.
  • Equinox Fitness carries the love theme through four spa packages available this weekend. Lay all Your Love on Me offers a 50-minute Swedish massage, How Deep is Your Love offers a 50-minute Deep Tissue massage, Put on a Happy Face features a 50-minute signature facial and Just the Two of Us where you can choose two 50-minute treatments. In the Bay Area, these deals are available for $99, $189 for Just the Two of Us, but check with your local club for pricing and availability.
  • If you have a lululemon store near you, you'll most likely find a variety of community events each month. The Chicago event that caught my eye happens on Valentine's Day from 1-3 p.m. and has some perks that might shout out to inner beauty: information on ayurvedic massage oils and natural facial-care products, a Pilates demonstration, aura and relationship readings, and a tea tasting. OK, you caught me--I have no clue what half of this means but that means I'm even more intrigued. And the shopping doesn't hurt either.
For more events, visit your local spa or health club or read the community calendar pages in a daily paper. As for me, I'll be checking out the listings in Chicago at Time Out. Photo grabbed from funny-p at stock.exchg. Posted by Kate

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