Thursday, February 19, 2009

Liz's Meditation Report: The Whole Week

Hello, hello! I've been a crap blogger lately. But I have an excuse! I've been skiing at Purgatory--the mountain resort just outside of Durango, Colorado--and landed back in Chicago in the middle of frosty, rainy Tuesday night.

Although I had hopes as high as the Colorado mountains for meditating every day....sigh....other stuff kept getting in the way. In the mornings, I tried to squeeze in a mini jog so my legs wouldn't forget how to run (Boston is only eight weeks away, after all). Inevitably, I pressed snooze so many times that I barely managed to fit in a few miles before swooping back into the condo like a tornado to change into ski gear and hit the lifts by opening time. After a full day on the slopes, all my sore body could manage was twisting the cap off a bottle of Durango Amber Ale, propping up my legs, and chatting with my family. So...yeah, not much meditating. Double sigh.

But I think my one saving grace, despite my utter failure in this challenge, is that riding the lift is a unique version of meditation. With breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains and parka-clad skiers gliding down the slopes, riding the lift is like a dose of Zen. I'm going to keep trying the daily meditation in Chicago, and now I'm armed with beautifully serene and special memories of the snowy Durango mountains. And stay tuned for some expert tips on fitting in the daily chill-out session. I know I need them. Photo grabbed from JTPics on Flickr. Posted by Liz

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