Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Meditation Report: Kate's Day Two and Three

Day Two: After my attempt to meditate yesterday that had me wishing for sleep rather than relaxation or rejuvenation, I knew I had to take those 10-minute sessions and remove them from the bedroom. With husband at home and watching TV, I planned extra time at the gym and slipped into an empty studio room. While it was quiet, I could not remove my mind--it was racing a million miles a minute, thinking about all of the things I had yet to finish up at home or assignments looming on the horizon. I still felt stressed out, but one thing provided relief when I got home: My husband cleaned the kitchen and folded his laundry making for a clean home (and one item checked off my list!).

Day Three: This time I had planned to go to a 15-minute meditation session at Equinox; that failed when 5:30, 6, 6:30 rolled around and didn't want to work out much less leave the house. Boo on me since I thought I needed someone leading me through the meditation. So once again I was on my own--I must have been incredibly tired though. I had dozed off and woke up thinking it was the middle of the night. When I realized it wasn't even 10, I figured I could meditate and then go for a late-night workout. I'm not even sure what I thought about for those 10 minutes, just that by the end of it I was ready for more sleep. The bed won and my ambition was sacked. Posted by Kate

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