Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sleep Report: Liz's Day 2 and Day 3

Day 2 Alright, Tuesday night I got to bed at about 11:30pm. Not bad, right? Except, I had to get up at 5:30am in order to complete my workout in time to get to work early. This wouldn't be the end of the world except that when I have an early-early workout, I tend to sleep pretty badly as I toss-and-turn thinking about missing my alarm or some other oversleeping scenario. So, it wasn't a great night of shut-eye. It was pretty bad, actually. And I was dragging a little yesterday.

Day 3 But then last night, Wednesday, I got into bed at the beautiful hour of 11pm. And even though I had a workout scheduled for this morning, I made the executive decision to push it off until tonight so I could bank a solid eight hours. I slept like a log. Like a log, I tell you! It was awesome. But, weirdly, I feel even more drag-gy than usual today. I don't if it's residual from early mornings and slightly harder workouts this week? Or if my body is so used to morning exercise that it's in a funk from it's lack of a.m. endorphins? Whatever the case, I need to bank a workout after I leave the office tonight, and that has been stressing me out all day. Ah, sigh, the trade-offs of 8 hours! On the upside, I have not been snacky at all today. And that, my friends, is highly unusual. Two points for sleeping 8 hours, penalty for sleep stealing my endorphins.

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