Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One-Stop Fitness Shop

You could almost say that the fitness center is evolving into a one-stop shop. You have the obvious work-out and clean-up facilities, so you can sweat and then shower. Take in the spa and even more options open up to give you relaxation and rejuvenation after cardio, stretching and weight time. Add in the snack bar or cafe and you have a place to grab a nutritious bite without leaving the club. There's even shopping, especially those items that you just can't live without.

At least in my previous experience, shopping at the gym was always a different matter entirely. Either lots of blah logoed wear, clothing far beyond my price point or lacking in appeal, or simply nonexistent. Just last week I had to make a pit stop at adidas for a pair of running socks on my way to the gym because it was go barefoot or go home and skip the workout. But forget this norm with the latest partnership between fitness club and gear. Equinox Fitness Clubs and Nike are bringing a whole new shopping experience to the health club when they team up to offer gym apparel and accessories. This is the first such partnership between a fitness club and Nike.

The gear, exclusive to Equinox's 48 The Shop locations, recently became available and includes a selection of performance wear for men and women and meets the demands of a variety of workouts, activity levels and body types. "We’ll feature new designs each season as well as a season-inspired call-out color that will be highlighted on each item in some way," says Karyn Riale, a retail buyer for The Shop @ Equinox.

While only the clothing is currently available, expect Nike and Equinox to soon roll out with a line of accessories including gym bags and yoga mats. I'm hoping maybe some swimsuits make it into the mix--how often do I leave mine at home and want to log some laps? Here's to looking good on and off the machines, in and out of class, to and from the gym. Photo courtesy of Equinox Fitness Clubs Chicago. Posted by Kate



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