Monday, February 23, 2009

Jessica Biel: That Oscar Gown Didn't Do Your Rockin' Bod Justice

Not to go all Fashion Police on last night's red carpet, but I have to admit I was quite disappointed with Jessica Biel's gown. Why should I care? Well, she's one of my favorite rock hard celeb bodies. She's my fit-inspiration.

I love how she's always captured in her workout clothes in the pages of US Weekly...she's got the most enviably toned arms in all of Hollywood--only Lost's Evangeline Lily and Madonna give her a run for the money, in my book. (FYI, Fitsugar wrote about her workout a ways back.) Anway, this dress did nothing to showcase her smokin' hot, ripped-yet-feminine, athletic bod. In fact, the weird ribbon/bow fold cascading down the front of the dress actually made her look a little thick in the middle--which is pretty much like defying gravity. And her hair...what happened there? It looked all stringy and greasy. My guess: She got into her workout groove yesterday and was so busy logging extra lunges and triceps dips at the gym that she didn't have time to properly primp. Photo grabbed from Maggiejumps at flickr. Posted by Liz

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