Monday, February 23, 2009

A Reason To Organize Your Race Stuff

It never fails that the night before a race, I'm scrambling to find the gear I need. Night before Accenture 2008? Totally couldn't find my neoprene ankle strap for my chip. Night before the downpour that was the Chicago Half Marathon? The hat I wear in the rain was nowhere to be found. I have a few "spots" where I tend to put stuff, but there's no method to the madness. My goggles and swim caps go in the top drawer in the cabinet in my foyer. My gels and race snacks go in a bowl in a random kitchen cabinet. My hair rubberbands and heart rate monitor strap go in a little box in my study. My bike tools (mini pump, netting thing for my aerobar bottle, etc) are split between a drawer in my bathroom, a box in my study and a linen closet. So...yeah, I guess it makes sense I can never find anything when I need it! To the rescue: The Container Store announced this morning that it's offering a 20% discount on ALL of their merch through March 1. I'm coveting this drawer set ($30 on sale), which would roll neatly into a closet and easily hold and organize all of my random race stuff. Photo grabbed from AngieSix at flickr. Posted by Liz

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