Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Daily Feed: Sites We're Surfing on 2/25

I'm a little giddy this morning because my best friend from high school just got engaged and I heard all the happy deets last night. Exciting!!! Anyway, now that I'm finally finishing up my second mug of coffee, and here's what's grabbed my attention so far this morning. Photo grabbed from Marchissimo on Flickr.
  • Not good news if you like a glass of vino at the end of a long day. All the major news orgs broke the news from a Britain study that finds drinking alcohol significantly raises a woman's risk of cancer. The WashPost sorts out the deets.
  • Erin over at FitBottomedGirls gives a new workout, called Jyze, a go.
  • Shape Magazine attempts to answer the eternal Q: Why do we continue to diet?
  • It's baaaack! The SELF Challenge, the mag's annual kick-butt, body-toning, pound-melting plan promises to get you fit in just three months.

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