Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Sleep Report: Liz's Day Four and Day Five

Day Four: Thanks to making an extra effort to hit the sack early, I made it into bed by 10:30ish. After some reading, I was conked out by 11:15pm or so. The alarm rang at 6:20am, so I got in about 7 hours. I was zonkered most of the day, but I'm chalking that up to a rough week of mileage--with less sleep I'm certain I would've felt much worse. And this was my least-snacky day of the week. I'm usually desperate for Chex Mix at 4pm (that probably has more to do with my weird salty snack craving than banking enough sleep) but I didn't find myself wandering over to the vending machine. So, yay, for a good night's sleep.

Day Five: I got to bed by 11 again, but woke up at 6am to start sipping coffee in preparation for my long run. Tiredness-wise, I felt fine. And today I survived the run, a day filled with errands and dinner and beers with friends without too much crankiness...but I snuck in a quickie nap so that might've helped. I think this experiment has taught me that logging eight solid hours every night may not make you feel like jumping out of bed and marching through the day with loads of extra energy....but it definitely is a boost. Posted by Liz

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