Saturday, February 21, 2009

The D Report: Kate's Day One and Two

Day One: I seem to be off to a good start with this vitamin D challenge--I hope. I'm always poking my nose in the refrigerator so this week I'll have a target for something to grab when I go digging. And I'm a label-looker too, so I'll just have to pay more attention to the percentages below the grams of protein on those food labels.

As for how I got my D fix, I started off the day with some yogurt, forced myself to drink milk and when I suggested my husband snack on nachos (just tortilla chips sprinkled with 2% cheddar jack cheese) I snagged a few. And dinner included a salad tossed with goat cheese and a salmon fillet. Granted I didn't use a calculator to figure out the exact amounts, but at least I had some foods that are supposedly high in D. Still, without the sun, it's not easy to get more than 20% of the recommended amount in a single serving.

Day Two: Uh oh, I'm starting to have doubts about this challenge. When it comes to labels, I'm learning that finding information on vitamin D isn't always readily available. My first roadblock came this morning while preparing my yogurt parfait breakfast. I've been on a kick eating Trader Joe's Greek-style yogurt with fresh fruit, and the whole time I'm thinking I've got vitamin D in the bag. Well now I'm not so sure because the packaging doesn't list vitamin D on its nutrition label; there's vitamin A, calcium and iron, but no vitamin D.

To be on the safe side (and note: cheating) I took two Gummy Vites just in case. Good thing too because never got to eat my salmon plus risotto with cheese dinner as planned. Late afternoon I was surprised with a Hot Doug's Chicago dog and duck fat fries (so good they were worth the splurge) which left me so full that after a workout I accidentally conked out on the couch until the middle of the night. Posted by Kate

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