Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bring Back My Peanut Butter, Part 2

When I first freaked out over the peanut butter recall, I never expected it to reach the heights that it has. Last week I was still catching news about either peanut butter, salmonella or the Peanut Corporation of America, and I'm still seeing signs at the grocery store about which products are missing on the shelves and why.

While I flipped out over not being able to eat Clif and Luna bars for snacktime, then Balance bars and an assortment of other nutrition bar products, it turns out that not all bars are banned. PowerBar, through thick and thin, is still safe to consume. And with a selection of flavors and styles, there's enough variety to please anyone's palate.

The best news of all comes from the company itself. PowerBar asserts that none of their products are affected by the salmonella traced to peanut butter and peanut paste ingredients traced to the Peanut Corporation of America. Not to mention, none of their ingredients are sourced by or purchased from PCA. Double yay, no pulling products off the shelves for all the bars out there.

Don't know where to start with snacking? Try a PowerBar Plus...I went home with a handful after the Chicago Marathon one year and had to hide them in the kitchen so I wouldn't eat them so quickly. And they're perfect for keeping you full during long hikes or bike rides. Check out the selection at PowerBar. And for more risky foods that can lead to food-born illness, check out this story I ran across recently at msn.com. Photo grabbed from healthyvending.biz. Posted by Kate

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