Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Meditation Report: Kate's Day One

Let's just say I desperately needed the meditation today (Liz, thanks so much for choosing this dare!) and on multiple fronts. Woke up too early to drive husband to work, couldn't fall back asleep, then woke up STILL tired, zero concentration at work and anxious about how I would finish several projects (and lengthy ones at that) by Friday. And it didn't help that it was raining and unpleasant outside--thanks Mother Nature for the tomfoolery.

So I had an easy plan for meditating today--go to PowerNAP at Equinox, a 30-minute class that focuses on meditation, breathing, stretching and even a little sleeping if your body needs it (I realize I'm not writing much here but stay tuned for a more in-depth look soon). I attended class last week and it was the perfect refresher for my system. Well, the only problem: I dozed off and slept for 2.5 hours instead. With my focus still off-foot, and knowing I needed to meditate, I tried some of the PowerNAP practices at home. I sat indian-style on the bed, turned off the encore of Top Chef and set my alarm for 10 minutes. I think I still need to go somewhere and have someone tell me what to do because I'm not sure how effective my attempt was. Quiet but almost too silent, my mind still felt like it was racing and thinking about something other than the goal of meditation. Maybe I need that music that alters the brain waves to the same levels as sleep, maybe I need an instructor walking me through the steps. But taking that breather helped a little, I was pumped for finishing up some work that I put on the back-burner when the need to nap took precedence.

Good news: I can go to a Meditation class on Friday and a PowerNAP on Monday at Equinox. Score for a schedule that will encourage me to meditate. Posted by Kate

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