Monday, February 2, 2009

Fit-Pic: Midnight Running

Runners wait inside Fleet Feet Chicago for the Midnight Run on January 30/31

An athlete who wants to run, will run. A chilly evening didn't stop runners en masse from attending the launch of Under Armour running shoes at Fleet Feet Chicago's Piper's Alley location. It almost stopped me--I was cold sitting in my living room--but when I arrived at the store I have to admit I was surprised to see as many runners as I did bundled up and packed into the store. Trying on UA shoes, waiting to try the shoes, afixing blinking lights to clothing, chatting with friends...I don't think it was the beer and pizza luring them in. But running and being a part of an event that brought Under Armour shoes to the public before any other store--owner Dave Zimmer said that Fleet Feet was the only store offering the midnight availability--probably did. See more pictures below, too. Posted by Kate
Time to run! Fun runners head north out of the store to start the 3- to 5-mile loop.

All bundled up! It was 9 degrees at 11 p.m. and warmed up to 11 by midnight.

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