Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Taking It Up a Notch

I've been putting in some QT with the treadie, but the "Hill Run" I completed this morning took our relationship to a new level. Designed by TrainingBible.com coach Adam Zucco, the workout is below--make sure to stretch afterwards (especially your calves), either it's pretty killer or I'm a big wimp. 

10-20 minutes: Warm-up at easy pace.
5 minutes: Set incline to 4% and select a pace you can maintain for the duration of the workout. 
10 minutes: Increase incline to 5%.
10 minutes: Increse incline to 6.5%.*
10 minutes: Increase incline to 7.5%.**
10 minutes: Cool-down at easy pace, 0%-1% incline.

*I started out running 10 minute miles, but at this point, I bumped it down to 10:30s.

**Oops--legs screaming and doing everything possible to control my breathing--I had to take the pace down again, to 12 minute miles. Clearly, I have a lot of room for improvement on "hills"! Posted by Liz

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