Friday, January 23, 2009

So THAT'S why...we're hard-wired to indulge!

Ladies, listen up. Has it ever irked you when a guy friend goes on a diet and loses, like, 10 pounds in a week--no problemo? Is the siren song of the vending machine louder than walking under the El? A new study that looked at the brains of men and women finds that females have a much harder time saying no to their fave foods and controlling hunger. A quickie recap of how the study worked: Scientists made the subjects smell, look at and taste a yummy food (bacon & egg sandwich, chocolate cake, etc). Afterwards, they asked them to quell their desire to nosh on the food. Both men and women experienced less desire to nibble tempting foods when they were told not to, but the brains of the women were all lit up in the areas associated with eating, like emotional regulation, conditioning and motivation. Translation: Their brains were all hyped, so it was harder to say no to tempting foods. So, the next time the man in your life passes on dessert like it's no biggie, keep this study in mind. It's not your fault, it's not a lack of will-power: Blame it on your brain. Posted by Liz

Photo grabbed from ellenmac11 at flickr.

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