Monday, January 26, 2009

Fit-tip: Listen to a podcast

While whining to a coworker about the copious amounts of time I've been spending on the treadie lately, I received this suggestion: Download some podcasts and listen to them when there's nothing decent to watch on TV. So that's what I did on Saturday morning and I'm happy to report, it hugely improved my enjoyment of my long run. First I listened to some interesting info regarding 2-week training cycles on the Dump Runners Club podcast, which I'd heard about on the Pigtails Flying blog earlier this Fall and never gotten around to listening to. It was the perfect running motivation for a super-dork like me. Then I spent over an hour listening to Jay and Jack disect the season premiere of Lost. So, listening to podcasts isn't as riveting as watching Top Chef or a great DVD, but it's distracting enough to make the treadmill a step up from miserable--so I'm sticking with 'em. I'm officially on the hunt for awesome podcasts to add to the rotation. Got any suggestions? Please click on "comments" and let us know. Posted by Liz

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