Friday, January 2, 2009

Let's Take This Inside...

My Big Kahuna Christmas present from my Mom and Dad was a bike trainer. I set it up on New Year's Day and so far....soooo good. I love it! After much web-searching, I sent them a link to a deal on the Kinetic Road Machine. It does not disappoint: It's not loud (something I was really worried about with next door and downstairs neighbors in my apartment building), it feels like I'm on the road, and I love that it's set up in my living room so I can watch TV while I'm sweating through a workout. I'm hoping with some consistent workouts I'll be able to improve my cycling by the time it's warm enough to ride outside. Last night I put in 30 easy minutes while watching Cat Cora on Iron Chef. Best. Present. Ever. Posted by Liz

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