Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fit-food: Potbelly 'wiches get a makeover

When I'm eating lunch al desko, but was too rushed or lazy in the morning to brown-bag it, one of my fave spots to buy a cheap, healthy meal on a workday is Potbelly. Sans cheese, the turkey and tuna salad sandwiches both weigh in at under 500 calories and cost less than $5....and are super-filling and tasty. I always ask my sandwich-barista to add extra hot peppers--spicy and delish! Now Crain's is reporting that Potbelly is hiking prices and making-over its menu, offering more healthy sandwich options (I'll be interested to see what that entails--customers have always been able to order a sub "skinny," which means they use a third less bread, meat and cheese), as well as larger sandwich options (9-inch subs instead of 7-inchers). According to Crain's, the menu additions and price changes are in response to  amped-up competition from Subway, and reflect the fact that folks are simply going out for lunch less often than they used to. As long as they keep those hot peppers, I'll keep Potbelly in rotation. Posted by Liz



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