Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fit-Pic: Naked Skier

Photo grabbed from Tom Olliver at

The media had a field day with this news clip--I swear I saw Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer chuckle at the clip on Wednesday's Today Show--and for good reason, albeit at the expense of a 48-year-old skier. The poor guy was left dangling upside down on a chairlift at Vail Resort...with his rear end exposed after his ski pants slipped down to his ankles.

The Smoking Gun (click to view actual pictures of the incident as I didn't want to break any copyright laws by posting them here) first reported the incident which happened on New Year's Day in Vail Resorts' Blue Sky Basin. The man and a child were trying to board the Skyline Express lift, which takes skiers into Blue Sky Basin from Vail's backside, and failed to do so properly because the chairlift's seat was apparently not completely down. Man fell through hole, ski got caught, boot didn't dislodge and he's hanging there waiting for help.

Vail reported that the man was suspended upside down for about seven minutes but was uninjured. Phew.

Who knew a day of skiing could turn into such a hair-raising, knuckle-clenching event? I guess I'll have to watch where I sit the next time I'm on a lift, just in case. Posted by Kate

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