Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A day-long calorie burner

Right now, to be honest, I'm more skiing-obsessed than I am about running, triathlons or planning my race calendar for the new year. You'll have to bear with me if you see a lot of ski-related material labeled Posted by Kate. When its winter and its cold, I'm busier plotting my next escape to ski country than I am about time in the pool, dragging out the trainer (unlike Liz's new ride, mine sits idly in the front closet because I'm too lazy and space-deprived to have it out all the time) and bundling up for a run.

First of all, skiing is the perfect change of pace from my winter gym routine. Breathing the fresh mountain air, staying hydrated to avoid altitude sickness, wearing the right amount of layers to feel warm on the lift and stay sweat-free racing downhill are just some of the mountain highs I look forward to each trip. A ski adventure wouldn't be complete without great runs and vertical, challenging myself on the bumps and through the trees, reminding myself to lean forward, and the constant praying for a snowfall.

And apparently, the calorie burning effects are nothing to scoff at either. While looking for the weather forecast, I came across a fitness calculator that told me I could burn roughly 350 calories per hour moderately downhill skiing. While it's not much in comparison to spinning or running for an hour--both of which top 600 calories per hour--it adds up during a day. I'm an open-to-close skier, with time for lunch and an occasional bathroom break during the day, so I could potentially burn more than 2,000 calories on the slopes. That's nearly equal to the calories burned during a marathon, provided the 360 minutes I calculated as exercise take into account riding the chair lift. I hope it does because I snacked on a lot of Deer Valley cookies and Park City and Alta brownies to ease my hunger mid-day. Posted by Kate

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