Friday, January 23, 2009

Fit-Site: More Bargain Shopping

So I jumped the gun a little with my previous post about the greatness (in my opinion) of shopping on While doing my usual perusal of outdoor bargain shopping sites--the typical rotation of Steepandcheap, REI Outlet and Campmor--last night, I realized that I neglected a few sites out in cyberspace similar to the Steepandcheap platform.

Before any retailers scream and shout, "What about me?", here's what I stumbled across. And if there are other sites out there, please show yourselves...I'm in need of all the online shopping I can get, especially pertaining to active gear.
  • Tramdock. I spotted this link during one of my peeks at Steepandcheap and was mesmerized by the cheap skis being advertised (if they're $200 or less, my eyes light up). Turns out Tramdock offers gear for those in search of powder. According to their mission, you'll find sick deals on the skis, boots and ski-specific gear to get you out on the mountain or into the backcountry. Now that's my kinda shopping.
  • Bonktown. Similar to Tramdock, this one is specific to bikes. Need a trailer or roof rack? How about a new frame or wheels? Bonktown offers all that and more (try a plug for removing your carbon footprint) at discounted prices.
  • Backcountry. If you missed a deal at Steepandcheap--maybe too busy weighing the options of needing or passing up a deal--sometimes you can find that item offered at a not-quite-as-good discount in Backcountry's closets. After all, it's Backcountry that's supplying the Steepandcheap merchandise, plus even more gear than Steepandcheap could even fathom circulating during a day. And when shopping, you can view the inventory to see how many North Face Denalis are left in your size and color preference.
  • Moosejaw. Based in Michigan, not too far from my hometown, Moosejaw is always a favorite in my book. Lots of gear, always a sale or discount, and tons of fave brands. BUT the discount site that I remembered Moosejaw starting--my hypothesis is to serve as a rival to Steepandcheap--no longer seems to exist. Moosejaw's main page featured links to The Lowdown, which featured one item at slashed prices for 24 hours. If you were too late and the gear was gone, you'd have to wait until the next day. Just because the 'deal of the day' didn't seem to fly, don't mark Moosejaw off your shopping list.
Time to go shopping! Posted by Kate

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