Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shopping Park City's Main Street

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Right away, you're probably thinking how shopping could possibly relate to Fit-Ink. But while I was in Park City, Utah, over the holidays, I found a connection between Main Street and fitness and not in the typical ski/snowboard rental shop variety.

Main Street is lined with 100-year-old buildings (I learned on this trip that Park City has at least 64 buildings on the National Register of Historic Buildings) with tenants featuring the likes of art galleries, restaurants, shops predominantly selling T-shirts, and specialty retailers ranging from designer boutiques to sportswear. Among specialty retailers, Main Street has a new kid on the block, Rossignol, which follows the company's move from Burlington, Vt., to Park City in 2006. I walked past the Rossignol store the other night on my way to Wahso for dinner (a must-go if you're ever in Park City), taking a second look and asking myself if it had been there the year before.

Alas, Craig McCarthy, Communications Director for the Park City Chamber of Commerce, confirmed that Rossignol was a new addition to historic Main Street (thank goodness I wasn't completely out of it when walking the street last year). And a good addition too, because I have to admit, the skis in the window were calling my name. DC Shoes, another component to the Quiksilver brand that runs Rossignol and Dynastar, set up shop across the street from Rossi with the latest and greatest in the snowboard market.

So now when I'm window shopping there's more to ogle at between the DC-inspired snowboard designs and clothing on one side of the street--577 Main--to the latest in skis, boots and bindings on the other--540 Main. And if the U.S. Ski Team is wearing it, who says I can't too? OK, maybe I need to wait for a demo day for the flashy new rides, but for now I'll bring out my Bandits on powder days.

Wanna read more about Rossignol, the company? Or its move? Posted by Kate

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