Thursday, January 22, 2009

Swimming sucks sometimes

I'm sorry, I know that's a really downer headline. But I'm struggling with my swim workouts. See, I'm not a born swimmer. I didn't do swim team as a kid. I basically have enough of a stroke that I don't drown or totally humiliate my self in the pool (well, that "humiliate myself" part is actually debatable). But, none of none of that explains why swimming sucks sometimes. Why it sucks--right now, in winter, today--is because I haaaaate thinking about getting into the water when it's freezing outside. I imagine myself shivering and cold in the pool. I visualize the crystalline-blue lap lanes and wonder why I put myself through the agony (I know, so tragic!). I dwell on the inevitable aftermath: my hair freezing into icicles on the walk home.

Of course, the hardest part is getting to the gym. Or, rather, actually putting on my suit, goggles and cap instead of tying my running sneakers in the locker room with a "Argh, I don't need to cross-train, I'm going running!" But I do need to cross-train, I think it's the whole reason my running improved over the summer and I'm really worried I'm losing my running mojo because I'm such a wimp about doing my cycling and swimming workouts these days. And the truth is, I always warm up once I get into the pool and the water is never chilly like I fear it will be. And, afterwards, I feel as awesome and as accomplished as I do after a tempo training run (such is the dread and drama I create before both swim and tempo workouts). So swimming, as much as you suck sometimes, I'm trying to commit. Bear with me! Posted by Liz

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