Thursday, January 1, 2009

Kate's New Year's Resolutions

The New Year always sparks talks about New Year's Resolutions, whether it be how much weight we're going to lose, how we vow to go to the gym more, or how we're going to quit smoking--add pay off debt to the list and you're looking at the top three new year's resolutions according to an article I dug up. So I figured in the spirit of the New Year, a good way to attempt to introduce myself to Fit-Ink was by sharing some resolutions.

For starters, my name is Kate and I'm a freelance writer and editor working out of Chicago, but dreaming to one day live near the mountains, or at least some place where I can spend more time hiking and skiing without having to fly to a destination. And in case you're wondering why I haven't picked up my bags to make the move...I'm counting down the years until my husband is done with residency and we can choose a new locale. But that's another story...

In terms of how I'm hoping to improve myself for 2009 and goals I want to obtain, here they are:
  1. Re-qualify for the Boston Marathon. I'm itching to get back to Boston and run this race and had hoped to do so this year. But I fell short in my final chance in 2008 and decided to refocus on my running, recover my legs (I'm convinced that overtrained and overworked muscles were partially to blame for my shortcomings, plus too many events) and really work to get my marathon time to 3 hours and 40 minutes or less. That's me at the Boston Marathon finish line in 2008.
  2. Improve my cycling. This one has been in the back of my mind since I wrapped up the triathlon season in September. I've said all summer that my cycling is easily my weakest link in triathlon--and after two bike crashes and my steep learning curve, I have proof--and naturally I want to improve. I've listened to the advice of triathlon pros, thought about taking a class at Vision Quest or the new Well Fit Studio, browsed for devices like cadence monitors and power meters to hook up to my bike. But now I have to put some of those thoughts that have lingered in my head at the end of '08 into action for '09.
  3. Bring back my Ironman body. This is totally selfish and a bit narcissistic but it's the only way I can distinguish between weight loss and reshaping my body. When I was training for Ironman, I didn't lose any weight but in the 10 days before Ironman Wisconsin and the two days after, I admit that I was really happy with my body in terms of muscle definition, the way my clothes fit, reaching the toned abs, legs, arms and upper back that I endlessly tried for before and couldn't seem to complete. Now I'm just wishing for it back--and permanently as I'm really missing what I had, even if I am currently buried under sweats and winter gear.
  4. Get certified to coach triathlon, teach spinning and be a personal trainer. In the back of my mind these were on my wish list in 2008 but I talked about them more than making them action items. The triathlon coach certification is a tough one to get as all of the programs fill quickly and were filled when I tried in 2008. Plus I've had a few friends support me on this decision so the least I can do is follow through.
  5. Remain caffeine-free in 2009. I am a recovering caffeine addict, the person who'd down caffeinated sodas like glasses of water throughout the day and not have it affect my ability to fall asleep. Recovering because I told myself no-more caffeine in November and haven't returned to my Mountain Dew and Diet Coke favorites since.
  6. Take care of my body. Going along with No. 5, not only was 2008 a year of poor fluid replacement, it was also the year of poor eating habits. I've shocked people with my stories about not eating during a half-Ironman distance race aside from a few bites of a Clif bar, or running a marathon refueling on Gatorade. And I told myself last year that I was going to have to learn how to eat properly during a race to survive the Ironman. While I think I accomplished that, at least enough to finish the race, my habits definitely leave something to be desired. All of those articles about power foods and fueling your run need to become mantras in my daily schedule. And to coincide with eating to replenish those muscle stores and aid in recovery, I have to learn how to take breaks from training and know when enough is enough. In 2008, I talked about getting a massage for some back sore spots in July and it took me until November and the inability to move my hip to finally cash in. More on the power of massage to come, but right now I forecast too many hours with the massage therapist fixing years of back, shoulder and leg issues.
  7. Run the Chicago Marathon for the 10th consecutive year (yes, I started running it in 2000 and it's what I like to call my fall habit) and run it fast. After I ran Chicago seven times, I told myself I'd run 10 in a row before calling it quits, or at least looking at other options for fall marathons to run like New York, Detroit where I'm from, or Marine Corps. So to go out with a bang, I'd hope to make it one of my fastest ever. I guess I better ask--or start praying--now for the weather to cooperate as I don't think I could handle another 70-plus degree day.
    After finishing my 9th Chicago Marathon...what a meltdown.
Phew, I have my work cut out for me in 2009 when it comes to fitness and staying active! Now it's just a matter of putting everything into action and being able to keep them. Speaking of keeping resolutions...I came across this Women's Health article today.

What are some of your resolutions for the New Year?

And a P.S.--I'll try to stick to shorter posts in the future...I have a tendency to ramble and share random info all too often (Liz can attest to this from our summer bike rides), so I'll try to keep things interesting. Posted by Kate

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