Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fit-event: A New Half In Town

An email announcing the inaugural 13.1 Marathon Chicago on Sunday, June 7th just arrived in my inbox like a gift from above. Here's why I'm psyched....

1) It's 7 degrees with blowing snow today, and the forecast only looks worse for the next 24 hours. Having a warm-weather running event on the radar thaws my weather-related grumpiness. I know June is going to rock!

2) Washington Park, where the race starts and finishes, is the proposed site of many of the 2016 Olympic events. There's going to be a great vibe there that day.

3) The runs through my 'hood, Hyde Park. That'll make traveling to and from the start-line a total cinch. Yay!

Go to to sign up and start the countdown to--granted, wishful thinking--warm, sunny June 7 (144 days to go). Posted by Liz

Photo grabbed from Darren Larson at flickr.

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