Saturday, January 24, 2009

End to Healthy Weight Week

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Apologies for not mentioning earlier in the week that this week, January 18-24, was Healthy Weight Week. Even without knowing of this unique week to keep the calories in check, the fridge stocked with healthy items (or a list of restaurants to hit that won't throw your weight out of whack), and visits to the gym plentiful, were you able to feel satisfied with that number on the scale? Maybe those Christmas cookies finally sweat out of your system, you parted ways with the snacking, you tried a new fitness class or you went outside to move around. How did you keep moving?

I surprised myself when I look back on the week. I hit the gym every day, even if some were less-than-stellar workouts, sweat my butt off at Sunday morning and Thursday night spinning, rode my bike even though it was 20-something degrees, experimented in the kitchen with new salads and Trader Joe's Freekeh (loaded with fiber and protein), tried Circular Strength Training at Equinox, lunched on healthy cuisine at Spa Cafe, and passed up a sweet treat pit stop since I had already splurged on a Carol's cookie. I'm thinking I'm going to have to continue the trend to keep the needle from rising this winter and enlist myself in Healthy Weight Week Part Deux.

If you're regretting some of the choices you made during Healthy Weight Week, why not vow to start over on Sunday and create your own week of eating right and working out? Sure, we all need a little motivation now and again, but missing out one week doesn't mean you can't rebound and get back on track. And for me, I'm using Tuesday night's The Biggest Loser to keep me on the bandwagon. Watching all of those pounds disappear from week to week and I'm thinking I can't allow my fitness to falter or pick up the pounds the BL contestants are shedding.

Plus January has more unlying motivation that runs the entire 31 days. January is Oatmeal month and National Lose Weight, Feel Great month--two more reasons to work for that healthy weight. Keep these in the back of your mind and those pounds to shed and fitness goals to achieve can be within reach. Posted by Kate

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