Monday, April 6, 2009

We Heart Kara Goucher

Paula Radcliffe NYC Marathon 2008
Kara runs in lead pack at the 2008 NYC Marathon
It's Kara Goucher mania all over the web. There's the video of Kara doing a training run of the last 20 miles of the Boston course at that has officially gone viral. There's the latest issue of Runner's World, with the slim and sculpted Kara gracing the covering and dishing on her training secrets inside.

She has serious wheels, folks...she just won the Libson Half and will compete in the Boston Marathon in two weeks. And she's got a sparkly personality and happy vibe about her that lights up every time she's captured by the media. She's like the Anna Kournikova of running...but she's from the Midwest and she wears Nike tees around! Lately I've been Googling her name just to see what fun interviews I can dig up.

I think it all started back in November, when Kara stole all of our hearts with her second place finish at the NYC Marathon--her first ever. I loved reading in an RW interview that she painted her nails black and told her Mom to give her water bottles some "tough" decorations (skulls and crossbones--equal parts morbid, cute, quirky...totally cool!!). I hope she wins Boston, I will be rooting for her from the back of the pack! Photo by Tom Thai [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons. Posted by Liz


  1. I was hooked after June's Olympic Trials and the story about her and Adam in Runner's World last summer. So happy after NYC since it made up for the lack of glory stories in Beijing. And you know you won't be in the back of the pack in Boston :)



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