Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring into Summer Skiing

I know I should quit it with the skiing information but I was too excited when I read some skiing related news yesterday. And in a most unusual location. While most resorts have shuttered the skiing until November, there are still some resorts open for business for skiers and boarders. Utah and Colorado are the typical locations, but California? Yep, shocking that a state offering a warm climate everywhere but the mountains--even the Bay area reaching highs in the 80s last week--would still have snow. But with the massive snowfalls gracing Mammoth and Squaw Valley this winter--remember the four-foot snowfall from early March?--the mountains will be open through May.

Much to my disbelief--and more likely my naivete--Mammoth plans to stay open through Memorial Day with several skiable acres for skiers and boarders to spread out and plan in the snow. They'll also stay open until June if conditions allow. Hmm, should I be planning a trip out west? I'm liking the spring weather at home, but I can always use an excuse to pull the skis out of storage. And to really twist my arm, Squaw Valley plans to stay open until May 10. This year, the resort received 10 more inches than its seasonal average of 450 inches, and at the higher altitudes the base depth is still over 100 inches. Sheesh, where was this snow in Colorado when I wanted it back in March (really no hard feelings, I still had a blast).

So if the ski season flopped on your this winter and you're still itching to get in some runs. It's really not too late. And you can still work on your tan--maybe even wear a few less layers than you would in January or February. Photo grabbed from bmiersma at flickr. Posted by Kate

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