Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Daily Feed: Sites We're Searching 4/28

I feel like I've been at a loss for words the past few days. Motivated to embrace the springtime weather but I'll give a blank stare to the computer screen. Yes, at least for me, Kara Goucher mania has left the building. And for no reason in particular because I still marvel at what she did last week in Boston, but I feel like if I keep thinking about it I'm either going to make myself crazy with my own running (since I'm just now starting to pick up the mileage after four months off) or I'm going to bore your eyes with too many details related to a race that's already more than a week old and making it into the archives. So without further ado, here are a few random links that caught my eye the past few days when the words weren't churning:
  • London's marathon proved to be fast once again on Sunday. Sammy Wanjiru who won the gold medal in the marathon at the Beijing Olympics in August captured the win in London--and in course record time.
  • With warmer weather starting to make an appearance, many would argue it's time to start thinking about prepping those bodies for lighter layers and beach season. Start shedding the pounds--up to 12 in two weeks--with this new workout from Prevention.
  • Can sugar be to blame for the numbers stuck on your scale? Joy Bauer takes a look at sugar substitutes like stevia, Splenda, and Equal and how they could be hurting more than helping your waistline.
  • Check out this wild routine at Daily Candy. It's far more circus than it is exercise but it does promise to increase your balance, strength and coordination.
  • For the shoppers out there--and to feed my own window-shopping eyes--Moosejaw has some new gear for spring and sale and clearance merchandise to stock up for winter's ugly return. Let's just hope we don't have to think about that any time soon and focus on the bright colors, tees and fun patterns.
Photo grabbed from DeathByBokeh at flickr. Posted by Kate


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  3. My "head is still pointing down" but my heart doesn't seem to know. So I'm going with the flow, not just in physical terms either! My musings are turning food-related as I'd planned on a workout post today given how upbeat it was feeling physically but that quickly took its place when opening Whole Foods and deciding what surprises lay in store for me this evening.So if you've been reading from time to time over the past little while, you might notice a shift in my blog emphasis.



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