Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Back to Ski

Yes, I love skiing and it's been great swapping ski stories with Liz this winter. Yes, I get carried away with the sport at times (sorry, readers!). Yes, I was thrilled when I learned yesterday that Aspen Highlands was staying open longer this year. But I didn't finish. I hoped that maybe I'd learn that other Colorado resorts planned to extend their seasons and have even more news to share. While that doesn't seem to be the case, at least in the resources I checked out, there are so other cool events worth highlighting.

Whether it's the recession or spring savings, Vail is having a crazy $199 deal before the resort closes on April 19. Talk about a celebration: You can score seven days of skiing for $199 from April 12-19 plus free festivities and concerts. With all of the snow Colorado's been blessed with in the last month, the ski conditions are still great and these savings slash the regular season daily price that creeps toward $100. Plus free concerts by Chris Isaak and O.A.R. after a ski day and watching the Pond Skimming Championships, where competitors try to glide across the water without falling in, how can you go wrong?

And once again, I'm wishing I lived closer to the mountains to take advantage of this deal. Keystone closes on Sunday (sob), but they're maxing out the customer benefits in its last few days of the season. Starting April 1, skiers could score a three-day lift ticket for $99--that's three days for a little more than the price of one day during the regular season. And they still have plenty of great skiing with a base higher now than when I was there at the beginning of March. Oh wait, there's more. If you're visiting, you can score a room on Keystone property for $99 a night, or if you're just skiing for one day, Keystone will buy your lunch. April 9 might be a day to play hooky and head to the mountains--it's customer appreciation day where lift tickets cost $33 and there's a spring celebration at LaBonte's Cabin, one of the places to grab lunch on the mountain that has an awesome sun deck.

Is anyone spending Easter in the mountains? Any chance of taking this skier as a stowaway? Photo grabbed from aahoffmann at flickr. Posted by Kate

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