Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stretching the Ski Season

I am so jealous right now! Yes, this is another gripe about the weather, but it's with good reason. While we're suffering through the never-ending end to winter (I swear even the groundhog couldn't want snow outside the mountains in April), Colorado seems to just be getting theirs. Those storms that keep pushing this way are coming from the mountains--and this time instead of missing them, as Coloradoans proclaimed in February and early March, they're hitting them. I shouldn't even be getting excited over a sport that is wrapping it up until November, after all I had to store my skis and gear a month ago today after returning from a trip to the Rockies.

But now I almost want to get them back out and spend my last weekend in April at Aspen. Why? Because all of those storms actually produced good news in Colorado. With more than 100 inches in Highland Bowl--its largest base this season--Aspen Highlands plans to extend its ski season through April 26. It closed on Sunday but it will reopen for the last two weekends of the month, April 18-19 and April 25-26. The cool part, at least for this tourist, is that lift tickets only cost $39 each day. Sweet! Keep in mind though that Snowmass and Aspen Mountain will close as planned on April 12, and Buttermilk closed for the season on April 5. But hey, the opportunity to still ski, that's one where I don't mind the cold. Photo grabbed from www.odysseyexpeditions.org at flickr. Posted by Kate

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