Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kara Goucher's "Awesomely Obnoxious" Boston Marathon Outfit

Are you ready for Kate and I to re-title this blog KaraGoucher-Ink.com? Please indulge us a bit longer! She may not have had "the kick" she hoped for in the final mile, but Kara Goucher still smoked that hilly, windy Boston Marathon course yesterday and we are totally thrilled for her and proud of her amazing effort. She took third place on the podium and was only 9 short seconds behind the winner. Go Kara, go!

I tried to finagle an advance description of what she'd be wearing, but Nike wasn't melted by my charms. It wasn't until after I crossed the finish line that I was able to find out more about the "awesomely obnoxious" outfit--her description in a pre-marathon press conference--she wore during the race. Yeah, the outfit rocked. Here are the details (find the apparel at a Niketown near you).... Photo courtesy of Nike. Posted by Liz

Kara's standard gray and pink racing shoes were souped up with black with pink trim. FYI: Sorry to report, Nike won't be selling this made-specially-for-Kara pair.

Race Day Brief It may have been in the 40s and windy, but the elites warm up fast thanks to their super-speedy pace. This pair of briefs is Kara-specific, thanks to her sponsor. She let her strong legs brave the elements.

Race Day Airborn Top Nike made Kara's version especially for her. I'd wear it under a tee, but Kara is so ripped--even after a week of tapering and carbs--that she looks amazingly athletic and fit in this short top.

Arm Warmers She ditched these with a mile to go, but they kept Kara toasty for the first 25.

Gloves She struggled as she reached for her water bottles in New York and so in Boston Kara opted to wear gloves studded with rubber tread on the palms for extra traction. "She wore Nike football gloves we got the day before," says Jacie Prieto of Nike. "They were receiver gloves that were tacky on the palms so it made it easier to grab her water bottles." Alas, after the race Kara laughed about her butterfingers. "I missed a bottle again," she said. "Apparently I have no athletic skill at grabbing a water bottle."

Stop watch Kara just wears "a basic stopwatch," she told
Runner's World back in November. "A lot of people say 'oh I just go and run how I feel.' And I’ve never been one of those people. I want to know how far I went, I want to know how long did it take. Sometimes I run longer or shorter based on how I feel, but when I’m done, I want to know how I did."

Phiten Titanium Necklace The inspiration for wearing one of these came from Paula Radcliffe. (It supposedly helps athletes recover faster.) Kara explained to Fit-Ink why she never races without it: "At this point it has become a bit of a good luck charm, or safety blanket. I just believe that it will help me take more pain and so I can't be without it. It really is the only good luck charm that I have. I wouldn't dare run without it now!"

American flag barrettes
"Those barrettes were actually given to me by a friend who’s a really good runner herself—Carrie Tollefson," Kara told Runner's World. "She gave them to me when I made my first World Cross Country team [in 2006]. So I wore them at World Cross Country, and I wore them last year at Osaka, and I wore them in the Olympics. And so they’re kind of good luck on the big, big days. I love my little barrettes."

Patriotic tattoos "For Boston I am going to be a tough American girl. You can expect pink, skulls, and American flags," Kara told Fit-Ink.


  1. I love the comment about the gloves :)

  2. So does anyone know the scoop on where to get the barrettes? Gotta have some!

  3. Agree!! I just interviewed her (stay tuned!) and she got those barrettes, which are rusty from being worn so much, in Japan. She said if she could find them in the US she'd buy "a hundred." The hunt is on...

  4. So I should've been Googling Japanese American flag barrettes!! Never would've guessed!

  5. She never ditched the arm warmers, she ditched the gloves.

  6. good catch Kenneth! Thanks for pointing that out, I totally missed it--kate

  7. those shoes are going to be available next January, they are the lunaracer 2

  8. Cool! Thanks for the heads up...I think those lunaracers might have to make it into my closet, maybe make me run faster :) --kate

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