Monday, April 13, 2009

Does the Weather Affect Your Workout?

Rain rain go away, I don't want to see you 'til another day. Of course a beautiful, sunny weekend couldn't continue its pleasant course for the week. I woke up this morning to rain pattering on my window, gray gloom filling the sky and a temperature reading close to 20 degrees less than it did the day before--and I was north of the Windy City when the temperature cracked 60.

Recalling my time away from home, specifically the run I squeezed in yesterday morning where the only complaint stemmed from the wind blowing at me a little more than I would have liked, I realized I would have been miserable if today's weather showed up on yesterday's doorstep. No run, no refreshing morning outside, no good soreness from my running muscles being broken in after their winter hiatus. The weather totally affects my workout mood for the day, how about you? Photo grabbed from trasguete at flickr. Posted by Kate



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