Monday, April 13, 2009

Fit Funday

Maybe I'm missing something by not being heavily entralled by events in our nation's capital or politics in general. But today I noticed something on that normally wouldn't have caught my eye--and if not for the Fergie connection, probably wouldn't have appeared in my guilty-pleasure reading. Thanks to Fergie belting out the national anthem to kick off some Easter festivities at the White House, I was left to read about activities that had nothing to do with chocolate bunnies, egg hunts, bonnets and baskets, and Peter Cottontails.

Have you ever heard of the Easter Egg Roll? To be honest, I had forgotten about it, until the Obamas and Fergie kicked off the 2009 event this morning. This year's Easter Egg Roll featured an all-day concert as well as plenty of fitness-y activities to follow the theme, "Let's Go Play." Granted I really don't know much about past events or what activities typically occur throughout the day--I only remember history books showing kids rolling eggs on the grass--but hooray for whomever created this year's healthy influence. The day included yoga, soccer, break-dancing, jump rope and health-conscious cooking in addition to the usual Easter Egg Roll event. Reminds me a little of the Self Workout in the Park or Chicago's Mayor Daley's Holiday Sports Festival held between Christmas and New Year's. And it looks like the First Lady may have had some influence in coming up with the theme and its activities. In the slideshow, she was quoted as saying, "'We want everybody to think about moving their bodies,' she said. 'The goal is to have fun and to get out and play.'" As for the healthy menu? Among the goodies, chefs served up turkey burgers and guacamole plus mango smoothies. Yum.

Sorry for the randomness, but I'm all eyes and ears when it comes to fitness. Photo grabbed from razzlefrazzle at flickr. Posted by Kate

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