Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fit-Event: Self Workout in the Park

We'd all like to think that spring is in the air. I've heard that a lot lately even though the temperatures and conditions outside like to show me otherwise. But with April already here and an onslaught of triathlons--distance ones at that--this weekend, it's really time to buckle down and work on that fitness. No more gym excuses or lazy days on the elliptical to squeeze in a TV program. Most of my favorites are starting to come to an end anyway so I'm more and more tempted to take my training outside. Work on some much-needed speedwork that I've always managed to avoid, break in my new running shoes, strengthen my hips and quads as I've been get the idea. I was gently reminded of one of my favorite one-day outdoor activities while sifting through my e-mail yet again: the Self Workout in the Park. And for those in Chicago, it's even better than in years past.

Ready to burn some calories and gather enough healthy information to last you the season? Prepped to have a fitness day outdoors in some of the largest group fitness classes you'll ever attend? That's some of the fun each Self Workout in the Park brings to a city near you. This year, the events are kicking off in San Diego on April 25, New York City on May 9 and Chicago on May 16. And the good news, at least for a down economy, is that you can even purchase tickets at a recession-friendly price of $15. That includes a one-year subscription to Self magazine--Workout Challenge here I come--and saves you at least $5, maybe $10 from previous years.

Now as for the Chicago special I was alluding to? I'm erring on the side of this being a good announcement--although some of what I caught of the latest Biggest Loser is making me think otherwise--Jillian Michaels will be on hand to work out in the Windy City and sign copies of her new book, Master Your Metabolism. Hmm, maybe she'll even divulge some of those secrets for how those BL contestant lose so much weight in one week--and it can't just be from spending endless hours in the gym 'cause no body can favor that forever.

As for the event, you'll be treated to an array of fitness classes, sampled in 20-minute segments from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Names like Rock Bottom, Beach Body, Stiletto Strength and Million Dollar Knockout already have me intrigued. And that's just the cardio on the main can also head to the quiet zone for yoga and Pilates or check out the rebounding area. Regardless, there's something for everyone--even if you just want to sample snacks--at this Workout. Photo grabbed from dietsinreview at Flickr. Posted by Kate


  1. I used to work at this event every year: It rocks. I'm two eps behind on Biggest Loser, but I still heart tough-love Jillian.

  2. Don't laugh but part of my bachelorette party was held at the 07 event in LP, it was part of the day's activities before we went out that night, mostly because it was going on that weekend and I had wanted to go but funny to tell people that's part of what I did (and jumped on the trampolines with some friends)

  3. That is awesome!! :) I was working there that day...signing people up for the Challenge at a computer tent. I'm sure the trampolines were way more fun. :)

  4. Hey, that was a fun bachelorette activity. I'd totally come back to Chicago just to attend this event - it was really fun and I'm still using the free samples of face wash!

  5. I loved that you wanted to participate in the Self fun. I totally had a blast that day! haha, I still have some of those samples too. You can always come back for this year's event, I can always use the company :) --kate



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