Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seven Days of Taper Trauma: Weather Worries (Day Three)

Golden Rule of Taper: Thou shalt not visit more times than the bathroom on any day.

It's no secret that Kate and I are obsessed with the weather. Between 2009's brutally cold and icy winter and a very dreary, rainy spring, it's given us plenty to talk about over the past few months. But take that obsession up about—ooooh, a million—notches and you've got a glimpse of my current mental state. The Boston weather forecast is bookmarked in my browser. It's a cruel, cruel game, too. Because the weather will likely change another dozen times before Monday morning...and if I continue to click on the link, I will ride every painful high and low. It may be very windy! It may be very hot! It may be very cold! Yes, it may totally suck out there! And so what? I'll be running no matter what.

The funny thing is that when I ran my first marathon in 2002 (Vermont City), I remember waking up to a cool, almost-drizzly day. "Darn," I thought, "It's kinda gross and chilly out, I wish it was sunny and warmer." Ha! Little did I know how PERFECT that spring day was for a 26.2 mile run. I've learned since then. I suffered through the brutal 88 degree temps of Boston in 2004--which Kate documented in her awesome Boston Forecasting post--and I still have the dehydration demons haunting me to prove it. And I watched the poor, poor Chicagoans endure sizzling hot, sunny days in 2007 and 2008.

I wish there was weather karma. If you had really brutal weather in your training season or if the last time you ran a course then Mother Nature would automatically toss you a bone and promise you a beautiful, cool, but not at all windy day. But that's not how it works. So, here goes: I'm officially deleting and from my Bookmarks page. Who's with me? Photo grabbed from Posted by Liz

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