Thursday, April 16, 2009

4 Days to Boston Marathon: Predicting

I know I'm probably starting to sound like a broken record, but this year I'm not one of the runners boarding a plane due for Beantown this weekend. Yeah, I'm definitely bummed to not be able to share in some of the pre-race jitters and taper message boards but I was excited last night when I found a contest to help ease my woes and get me excited about race day beyond cheering for those I know who will be on course.

I'm calling it the Super Bowl pool of the Boston Marathon...a Boston Marathon Prediction Contest presented by the cassidy feed. It's your chance to rank who will finish in the top 10 on Monday and guess the finish times of American runners Ryan Hall, Brian Sell, Kara Goucher and Elva Dryer. The site provides the names and qualifying times of the elite runners, but you can write in the names of any marathoner whom you think can finish in the 10, elite or not. If you're good with your guesswork, you collect points to win some fun prizes like a Strands/Puma tech tee or a goodie bag loaded with running treats. To score points, you have to either select the athlete's exact finishing position (100 points), have a runner finishing in the top 5 who finishes in the top 5 (50 points), have a runner listed in the top 5 who finishes in the top 10 (25 points), choose the winner (300 points), choose the winning time down to the second (500 points), choose the correct time for one of the Americans (500 points), or pick the winner's time or the times of one of the Americans within 5 seconds (100 points). Winners are selected based on point totals.

The contest is free to enter, the only catch is that you can only enter one. But hurry, entries are due by Sunday eat midnight ET. Who's with me on the numbers game? Hmm, with a field of 25,000 runners and knowing that anything can happen on race day, this might be a larger crap shoot than I bargained for. Posted by Kate

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