Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thank You, RW

I've been plugging away in front of the computer for the past week and a half, catching up after not devoting as much time to email and responsibilities while in Colorado. But one thing I haven't done is focus much on website browsing or digging for new fitness happenings. That is until this morning, when a quote from Runner's World reached out to me in just the right way.

"Sustained motivation is essential to achieving your potential" --Grete Waitz

The well-known marathon runner who won the New York Marathon nine times and a silver medal at the 1984 Olympics feed me exactly what I needed to read. All winter I've struggled with motivation in my workouts. Granted I think some of it is warranted--too many long distance events, too many marathons and total body breakdown in 2008--but with spring just around the corner (and the shock when I realized that spring's official start is this week, gasp!) and my legs saying "we don't run," I'm hoping to get my mind in the game and let the body follow. I have goals to accomplish this year and I preached about them in my New Year's resolutions, but I know I'm not going to get that Boston time and join Liz at the start line next year if I don't have everything in the game. And I'd like to think I have the potential--I've seen the times and predicted results that pace me ahead of where I actually finish--it's just a matter of getting there. Here's to welcoming spring and a season of training. Photo grabbed from teamsugar.com and myrunshorts.com. (Homer's kinda how I'm feeling these days when it comes to the run). Posted by Kate


  1. haha! I have had so many Homer moments this winter, too. :) You WILL get to Boston...last summer was all about the IM, taking that out of the equation will give your running legs a huge boost.

  2. glad you liked that one, the homer photo cracked me up and just seemed too appropriate for me at the moment :) funny though how i want to run boston and do another IM next year, but for now i need to sign up Chicago

  3. i'll be lucky to get a 1/2 IM under my belt. :)

    which IM do you want to do? in '09 or '10? did you enter the kona lottery, or are you def doing chicago?

  4. you can def. do the 1/2 IM--you've got the running nailed and spring/early summer is perfect for logging more swim and bike time.

    i think i want to do IM Moo again. no kona lottery, i actually completely forgot to sign up because I was still deciding when I got to Colorado. oops, but i want to run Chicago one more time, if it's warm again then i might just have to give up on it



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