Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Epitome of Home Gym

In my weekend of blog reading randomness, I came across this picture (at left) on pro triathlete Elizabeth Fedofsky's blog and couldn't help but ask, "Can I have your gym?"

Talk about being hard-pressed for an excuse to skip the workout. How can you when your basement is your gym? It has everything this budding triathlete could need--OK I'll swap the treadmill for an elliptical since I haven't stepped foot on a treadmill since sometime early last year--plus the privacy I'm a fan of when going through my injury prevention drills and core training moves.

What's not to like about this space? I'm envious of the bikes on the trainers with laptops to monitor progress, a TRX system hanging from the ceiling that's perfect for suspension exercises, a treadmill, a yoga mat, stability ball...you get the idea. I'm tight on space in my own home, opting to live close to Chicago's Lakefront Path than have more bedrooms and square footage, and set up my trainer in the living room until one of us starts tripping over various parts to move between the couch and the kitchen counter. My only question: is he riding staring at the computer and all the Computrainer data, or is he watching TV? That set-up would be primo with a TV to keep the time flying by. All my favorite shows, random movies, maybe an Ironman video or two, and I'd be set. I'm already sold on this model but an TV upgrade would be an extra I'd pay for. Photo grabbed from Elizabeth Waterstraat. Posted by Kate


  1. This gym is awesome! I have the luxury of watching TV (usually DVRed Biggest Loser or Gossip Girl, hahaha) while I ride my trainer. And I also break out the dumbbells, foam roller and yoga matt for stretching and strength training once or twice a week. My husband loves this...NOT! Whenever a guest comes over here he shows them into the living room and says, "...And this is Liz's gym!"

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