Monday, March 9, 2009

Two More Reasons to Love Colorado

I know I should stop dreaming about Colorado now that I'm back home and into reality, but snow reports and events from the Rockies are keeping my eyes wandering. That and after I posted a few reasons to stay in the Rockies, I realized I had a few more.
  • Snowshoeing. Beaver Creek held a snowshoeing event on Sunday that brings families and individuals to the mountain armed to walk the snow. It's a ton of fun for both competitive athletes and leisurely strollers. While this past weekend marked the last of the adventure series' races, the Snowshoe Shuffle completes the season April 5. Held at McCoy Park, the nordic center facility nestled midway up the mountain, the shuffle offers event distances for all, a post-race party and proceeds to benefit the Shaw Regional Cancer Center.
  • If you're not active, there's something wrong with you. OK, that might not necessarily be true but it sure seems like everyone is active in one way or another. At least everyone I met, that is. They all ski or board in the winter, then hike, mountain bike or road ride in the summer. But that's not all, some people cram more into their day in terms of active endeavors. Take the ski instructor who led us through the Talons Challenge at Beaver Creek: not only did he ski the 13 toughest runs at BC with us (and with bumps on most of them) but he had worked out before hitting the slopes that morning, lifting and running. Another ski instructor talked about doing trail marathons. And a friend had spent a weekend skate skiing, then hit the snowcat backcountry trails with us on telemark skis on Monday. And those lunges did not look fun in the heavy powder we encountered in the backcountry.
Eek, I'm making myself wanting to hop another plane out there as soon as I can. I still haven't unpacked so it's almost too tempting to head back. Any Coloradans have a floor or couch I can crash on? Posted by Kate

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