Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So Long, Spa Cafe

Whenever Kate and I can clear our schedules for a lunch date, it's inevitable that we wind up at an awesome spot in the Loop called Spa Cafe. Kate bikes down from Old Town and I walk over from Jackson and State. They have a menu filled with healthy wraps, salads and sides that are fresh, healthy and delicious. Over a shrimp and spicy carrot wrap or Thai chicken salad we've hammered out blog-related stuff, updated each other on our ski trips, and chatted about our training and races. Inevitably, the time flies and I happily head back to my desk full of good food and great conversation.

Which is why it felt like a punch to my stomach today when I discovered Spa Cafe is...closed. Sad! In its place is a restaurant called On a Roll, that offers a menu of 'wiches on, well, rolls. I went up to the register and asked, "What happened?" The girls behind the counter said the investor had decided to change directions "due to the economy." (This baffled me, considering every time I've been into the venue the line is at least 5-10 people deep--pretty impressive considering that most folks are brown-bagging it these days.) "Is it still fresh, healthy, light ingredients?" I asked. They shook their heads no. I briefly scanned the menu and the healthiest item I could find was the Thanksgiving sandwich (turkey, stuffing, gravy, etc). Spa Cafe, we loved you! May you RIP.—Posted by Liz

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  1. no way! i'm so sad that spa cafe is no more and what an awful way to find out. now we'll have to find a new meeting spot, there's a berry chill up the street although it won't be the same :( boo, this is just more to add to a gloomy day



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