Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cycle Recycle

It might not hold up in the rain, but when riding a cardboard bike around town, you won't be SOL when someone swipes your bike. You can get another without feeling a hole burning straight through your wallet. Instead of the finest carbon or steel alloy, this beauty is made out of the best....Titanium? No. Aluminum? No. Brace yourself...it's cardboard.

Phil Bridge developed this two-wheeler out of common packing supplies in the United Kingdom. He learned that a bike is stolen in England every 71 seconds, so this industrial design student decided to design a prototype that wouldn't be the apple of a thief's eye yet still get a pedaler from point A to point B. Not only does the bike use interchangeable mechanical parts, recyclable and recycled materials, but it is also eco-friendly without a hefty price tag. The entire bike only costs about $30 to make and holds up to 168 pounds.

So the next time your bike is coveted maybe it's time to switch to a low-cost, lightweight option that won't glimmer in another's eyes. At least on a sunny day, that is. Photo grabbed from EcoGeek. Posted by Kate

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